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What is K-Lite codec pack, why do I need it?

From version 5.0, if AVI DVD Burner can't find working codec to decode the movie, it will prompt you to download the K-Lite codec pack. K-Lite codec pack is the best codec pack we ever used, so we recommend it to our customers, it handles nearly all types of video and audio you can see, it's a one-for-all codec package. And after you installed it, it also means you can use AVI DVD Burner to convert nearly all types of movies you can find to DVD.

How to support rmvb format (No need after you installed K-Lite codec pack)

You need to install real alternative program to make AVI DVD Burner support rmvb movies.

You can download real alternative program here. If you can't open that page, just search "real alternative" with google.

Quick Start Help of AVI DVD Burner:

STEP 1: Click "Add Video Files" button to add movie files to the converting list.

STEP 2(only needed if you want to add subtitles): If you don't have subtitles ready, click the "Search Subtitles" button to search subtitles from internet.(Enter movie names and choose subtitle sites, then click "search now" button. In the opened new browser window, download the subtitles you need.)

STEP 3: If the subtitle is not connected with the movie automatically, you need to load it manually. (Right click on the movie, and choose "Load Subtitle" to open a subtitle.)

After all above is done, click the "Convert & Burn Now" button to start the converting.

STEP 4: Before the converting begins, it will detect the DVD writer to see if there is a empty disc in, if not, it will notify you until you put a blank DVD+-R or DVD+-RW disc into it.

If the converting starts, just wait for about an hour, a new DVD will be generated, Enjoy the new DVD !

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 February 2012 02:40